Thanks to all of you that enjoyed the day with us!

Open Men's Division
1st Place- Walton, Bergner, Field, Kastner
2nd Place- Faiola, Patterson, martin, Blubaugh
3rd Place- VanNoy, Hammers, Potts, Martinez

Mixed Division
1st Place- Oliver, Crawford, Kaiser, Smith
2nd Plave- Komac, Komac, Holst, Holst

Senior Division
!st Place- Einck, Einck. Ambrose, Meyer
2nd Place- Binschus, Ty, Harry & Dave

Blind Team Draw
Beams, Nordstrom, Adler, Cox

Closest to the Pin
#2- Brett Johnson
#6-Ethan Potts
#11- Ty Binschus
#14- Tom Hitchman

Mike Einck